Small Organizing Powerhouse: Three Tier Servers

Small Organizing Powerhouse: Three Tier Servers

Angie Cho
Jul 19, 2011

After entertaining, don't store away your three tier server. Use it to organize your kitchen counter, dining table, or any area of your home where real estate is scarce but storage is essential, like the kitchen counter, bathrooms or entryways. Three tier servers go way beyond hosting and entertaining. They'll tidy and organize everything from gadgets and cotton swabs, to cloth napkins and food. Read more for details.

The Many Wonderful Functions of Three Tier Servers:

  1. Tabletop plate rack to keep a set of your most commonly used plates handy and ready to go.
  2. Tabletop organizer to hold cloth napkins, utensils and condiments.
  3. Fruit ripening station. While too much sun exposure is not good for humans, additional UV exposure is great for maximizing the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Entryway (or foyer) catch-all for keys and gadgets.
  5. Bathroom countertop caddy to organize jars of cotton swabs, jewelry, bobby pins, razors and the like.

These three tier servers are made of recyclable long-lasting materials like wrought iron, steel, bamboo, stoneware and vintage ceramic.

Three Tier Servers:

1. 3 Tiered Cake stand, Cupcake Plate by Mckenzie Home Comforts. $25.00
2. Creative Home Iron Works Dinner Plate Rack from Creative Home. $21.79
3. French Loop 3 Tier Stackable Server from Mesa Home. $24.95
4. Lipper International Bamboo Three Tier Server. $33.01
5. 3-Tier Pastry Stand from Target. $19.99

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