Multi-Purpose Mechanics Gloves with Built-in LED Lights

All the great DIY projects we've been highlighting all month have us thinking seriously about building up a better supply of tools to help make such home improvements easier. We especially like anything that uses new technology to help make projects simpler, and these gloves certainly fit the bill. The built-in LED lights on these gloves eliminate the need for a flashlight, a boon when doing any work in small dark spaces.

These gloves feature reinforced foam padded palms and neoprene cuffs for comfort, but it is the built-in LED lights that make them ideal for projects in dark or awkward spaces. Each pair comes with two LED lights that can be attached to one of the four attachment points on each glove. We think these would be a wonderful addition any toolbox, especially for those of us who live alone and are tired to trying to hold a small flashlight in our teeth while desperately working in a poorly lit tight quarters. At only $23 from Amazon, these gloves by Go Gloves would make a great gift for any weekend warrior.