Mundo Cargo Bike 21 Speed by Yuba

Maxwell’s Daily Find 05.04.12

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Mundo Cargo Bike 21 Speed by Yuba

• $1,199
Yuba Bikes

After a good deal of research, including a close reading of this awesome post right here, Which is the Best Cargo Bike For Carrying Children?, I've concluded that this bright orange cargo bike by Yuba is my top pick. Stable, quick, well priced and fabulously colored, the Mundo seems to be the category killer for those who want to carry a lot of stuff (and kids) in a long tail design. Find a shop near you to test ride and buy, or simply go online.

"The Mundo V4.0 is the latest version of the popular Mundo Cargo Bike. Now even lighter with better components like double wall rims, a SRAM groupo and an electric ready frame. The features and performance offered by the Mundo V4.0 are unmatched by any other Utility Bike. Combine it with Yuba's extensive line of practical accessories and you will discover a totally new mobility solution."

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