Musical Holiday: A Playlist of Holiday Decor

Musical Holiday: A Playlist of Holiday Decor

Grace Shu
Dec 7, 2009

All right, so I know I skipped November's musical playlist for entertaining, but I hope this playlist will make it all better. This time around, I asked the editors of Apartment Therapy LA to weigh in on their favorite holiday numbers, and it was surprising to see which ones made the cut. Take a look and listen to our 2009 Holiday playlist!

I picked this one specifically for Gregory, mainly because 1) I knew it would annoy him; and 2) it's just wrong not to include this song. It's literally the only time when high-pitched squeaking is marginally OK. To go with this infamous tune, here's a room that is loud, bright, and almost cartoonish...but still pretty chic. Love the tower of clementines as an affordable centerpiece, and the black Christmas tree is a nice touch. Speaking of, if you're in the market for a black Christmas tree, Beth found this version from Treetopia (and yes, it is named after the damn Twilight series).

Beth recently posted about holiday decorations that can last year round, and I'm thinking that this bedroom could qualify in that category. This dreamy bedroom uses a shiny curtain of mirrored beads, and it's not overly holiday-ish; it feels like it's more of a nod to winter. For this room, we needed something sultry and jazzy--and who better to do that than Eartha Kitt? Here's one of Beth's favorite holiday tunes:

On the other end of the spectrum, Beth and Rebecca both indulge in a little Wham! for their holiday merriment. "Not gonna lie," confesses Rebecca, "I am a sucker for '80s Xmas music...It just takes me back!" For the special ode from George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, we've picked this hot pink dining room decorated with silver paper chains. As crazy bright as that table and chairs are, it works thanks to the white floor and muted background.

We love the mix of classics happening in this dining room: the Saarinen tulip dining set paired with a gothic black candelabra and accented in lime green work harmoniously. From one classic to another, Emily's holiday pick is an oldie but goodie...and speaking of Emily, have you seen her recipe for Baked Apples with Cranberry Sauce? It's truly amazing.

We're not sure where you'd find gargantuan ornaments like these to hang, but you could probably get a similar look using paper hangings instead...maybe. To go with this edgier holiday scheme, we're thinking that this version of the classic carol might fit the bill:

Feeling a bit blue this Christmas? We're in love with the paint color of this dramatic dining room--the fruit centerpiece practically looks like a still life for an oil painting. As much as Beth and I both love Elvis' Blue Christmas, I decided to go out on a limb and use this version from up and coming singer, A Fine Frenzy.