Project by: Simran Winkelstern
Location: Larchmont Village Neighborhood, Los Angeles, California

What could you do with an empty house, ten days and $2000 measly bucks? If you're designer Simran Winkelstern, you could create a welcoming, bright and surprisingly personality-filled home for a lot less money and time than most designers have to work with. Check out this project to grab inspiration for stylishly filling your space up with a tiny budget!

(Image credit: Simran Winkelstern)
From the designer:

My friends Heathcliff and Andy are two music industry professionals. They rented one half of a Larchmont duplex to live in and a few months later rented the other half as an office/guest house.

(Image credit: Simran Winkelstern)

They often have bands or friends in town so they wanted a place where these people could stay. They also wanted a place where they could work and host meetings.

(Image credit: Simran Winkelstern)

The house was almost completely empty when I started and they needed everything down to linens and plates. The budget was tiny and the time frame was short — I furnished the house in ten days for a total of $2000.

(Image credit: Simran Winkelstern)

I went to a lot of nearby estate and garage sales and then filled in with budget purchases at Ikea and West Elm.

Thanks, Simran Winkelstern!

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