10 Must-See Small Cool Entries: Week One

We're only in the first week of Small Cool 2011 and things are already hot, hot, hot! These mover and shaker entries have caught the eyes of our readers thanks to their savvy solutions and smart style. How many of these have you clicked the "favorite" button on already? Click through for the hot list, ranked by their current standings…

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
Name: Michael
Location: New York, New York
Division: Teeny-Tiny
Square Feet: 397

Ariel's Wrap Around Jewel Box
Name: Ariel
Location: Los Angeles, California
Division: Tiny
Square Feet: 420

Jay's Small Scale Renovation
Name: Jay
Location: New York, New York
Division: Teeny-Tiny
Square Feet: 400

Laura's Sophisticated Studio
Name: Laura
Location: Washington D.C.
Division: Teeny-Tiny
Square Feet: 360

Jess' Greener Life in a Small Space
Name: Jess
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
Division: Tiny
Square Feet: 550

Evan's NY in LA Loft
Name: Evan
Location: Los Angeles, California
Division: Small
Square Feet: 850

Cate's Sears Kit Home
Name: Cate
Location: Los Angeles, California
Square Feet: 720

Adam's Multi Functional Spaces
Name: Adam
Location: Tulsa , Oklahoma
Division: Small
Square Feet: 989

Bianca's Bright White Cottage
Name: Bianca
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Division: International
Square Feet: 982

Carolyn's Vintage Touches
Name: Carolyn
Location: San Diego, California
Division: Teeny-Tiny
Square Feet: 368

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