Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Four

Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Four

Janel Laban
May 30, 2013

→Voting is still open on all the Small Cool entries - check them out and choose your favorites!

Small Cool 2013 is going strong as we near the judges phase. With over 180 amazing spaces to explore and all the voting still active, now is your chance to dig in, survey all the entries and support your favorites. There are truly inspiring homes in all styles and sizes of "small" to discover, including some from this, our fourth week of posting. Dive in now and help send your choices to the next round!

Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 305

Name: Erin
Location: Savannah, GA
Square Feet: 370

Name: Stacy
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square Feet: 361

Name: Julia
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Square Feet: 415

Name: Jodi
Location: Rochester, MN
Square Feet: 470

Name: Carmella
Location: Dayton, WY
Square Feet: 665

Name: Jay
Location: Dennis, MA
Square Feet: 718

Name: Allen
Location: Seattle, WA
Square Feet: 940

Name: Larissa
Location: Atlanta, GA
Square Feet: 893

Name: Juhana
Location: Turku Finland
Square Feet: 700

→Voting is still open on all the Small Cool entries - review them all and choose your favorites

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