Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Two

Small Cool Contest 2013

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The second week of Small Cool turned up the heat, featuring a whole new batch of amazing homes, all under 1000 square feet that are full of inspiration, stunning design and inventive ideas. Here's a peek at some of new entries that were posted this past week...

Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Two

Name: Stephanie
Location:New York, NY
Square Feet: 330

Name: Kin
Location: Hong Kong SAR
Square Feet: 337

Name: Emily
Location: Boston, MA
Square Feet: 224

Location: Chicago, IL
Square Feet: 675

Name: Debra
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 560

Name: Megan
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Square Feet: 520

Name: Katie
Location: Vancouver, BC Canada
Square Feet: 250

Name: Marin
Location: Portland, OR
Square Feet: 433

Location: Melbourne Australia
Square Feet: 645

Name: Daniel
Location: Tulsa, OK
Square Feet: 720

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet: 550

Name: John
Location: New York, NY
Square Feet: 260

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