I do not like receiving flowers when I am hosting a dinner party. It isn’t because I am too busy cooking to look for a suitable vase—being frank, the only cooking I am doing when I play host is using the oven to keep the take-out warm—I’m just way too picky with the flowers I like, and if I am bestowed the wrong flowers (red roses or yellow sunflowers) instead of the right ones (white & green parrot tulips or “hot chocolate” calla lilies) I am stuck with a tacky apartment for a week.

But the average (normal) person is not as big of a flower snob as me. Some people love flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors. For those gracious hosts that love receiving flowers, the Matti Klenell Four Flower Vase by Muuto is perfect. This stunning flower vase is intended to be the go to vase for most arrangements since it accommodates flower bouquets of different sizes. So if you tend to receive flowers often, do yourself a favor and get one of these vases, but if you’re thinking of buying someone flowers, why not get him or her this vase instead? $149.00 at DWR.

1. Design Within Reach
2-5. Muuto