Mxyplyzyk: Mix-ee-pliz-ick

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High design & fun. When Ad Hoc shut its doors a few years ago, the only place left in town you could go on the spur of the moment to browse for beautiful, modern, FUN and cutting edge housewares was Mxyplyzyk (Moss misses the fun part). Having expanded to two store fronts at its Greenwich Avenue home, it is still flying the flag high.
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The perfect party store, and one that will get you in the mood to purchase a show off item for your home, Mxyplyzyk specializes in defying categorization and always having something brand new that you have never seen.

They stock lighting, clocks, bathroom hardware, luggage, dinnerware, toys, barware, phones, mats and much more at every price point you can imagine (though most prices are smaller than a breadbox).

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Their website is annoying (and doesn't show much). And like many New York stores, they want you to visit instead of shopping online (which is a silly business plan, but the visit is good). Our favorite items are the Tibor Kalman M & Co. clocks (@ $125), the Jacob Jensen phone ($95), and all their lighting (shown: artichoke lamp $85). MGR

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