10 Favorite Time Killer Websites

10 Favorite Time Killer Websites

Jason Yang
Sep 10, 2012

Monday morning blues got you at the office trying to do anything but work? With an eye on design and tech, check out some of my favorite time killers (outside of Apartment Therapy, of course). Share your favorites too, whether they're an invaluable resource or just something to get you through the day.

IKEA Hackers
Whether you love or hate IKEA, IKEA hacking has become huge as we find fun ways to repurpose their products. Lots of fun and ingenious uses and re-uses that you wouldn't have imagined and now want to copy.

instructables: Community driven and shared projects. Across the board, members post some of the most creative DIY builds you'll find on the net.

uncrate: There's just something about the streamlined design and focus on just a few strong items at a time that makes this a great check-in to see what made their list.

Yanko Design: While many of the featured products and designs are conceptual, it's great to see some of the fantastic visions and ideas out there.

Gizmodo: Who follows tech and doesn't know the big Gizmodo? Tons of tech and a broad range of topics makes it a fun timekiller, even if the redesign still irks you (why can't their site remember when you switch to blog view every time?).

Engadget: Imagine Gizmodo but with a slightly nicer shirt. They also have channels dedicated to mobile, video, and something different.

CHEZERBEY: One of my favorite blogs to follow, Lauren and Kyle Zerbey provide inspiration for everyone to dig into their own renovations. These two do amazing work and they're always going head on into huge projects, one after another.

costhelper: Not quite the traditional website or blog to read up on design or tech, but this site is invaluable in helping you figure out how much projects should cost. So when you solicit your three estimates for any project, you can get an idea of whether their prices are way off base or not.

DIY Network: The DIY Network's website is chock full of ideas, tips, photos and videos to help you with your home projects. You can read more about your favorite shows and individual episodes as well as read expert advice.

Even if all the photos and rooms posted at houzz seem impossibly expensive, it's an excellent resource for inspiration for ideas and styles. Their database of over half a million photos is searchable and sortable by style and room.

Share with us some of your own favorite websites and blogs that you peruse on the company's dime — not that you would ever do such a thing. :)

(Images: Shutterstock, as linked above)

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