My Design's Dreamy!: Linda's Cat Tower

My Design's Dreamy!: Linda's Cat Tower

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 21, 2006

Design: The Cat Tower
Price: $20 (recycled baker's rack, without pans)

Name: Linda
Location: Duane Street, NYC
Pet's Name: Carrie
Size & Type: Cat, 8 lb.


"A second hand baker's rack became a tower for Carrie, by inserting a few shelves at different angles, covered with different fabrics or pieces of old rugs. The Cat Tower is both activity center and an organizer. Things Carrie gets attached to--feathers, string, toys, scratching post, etc.--get attached to the tower...." [more below]

She can rappel up the mesh side panel. The decor changes from time to time: sometimes she has curtains around the upper portion for instance.

The tower allows her to sit at eye level with people; if people are on the sofa, she is on the second or third shelf, usually playing with the catnip glove; if we are sitting at dinner she is on the third shelf; if there are a lot of guests and people are standing, she sits on the top (plexiglass) shelf, being a hostess.

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