My Drap: Halfway Between Paper & Cloth Napkins

Home & Housewares 2011

One of the more interesting items I spotted at the Home & Housewares show were these unusual hybrid table linens. They come on a roll and are a very thin cotton fabric napkin, perforated to allow you to tear them off as needed...

They are reusuable and can be laundered approximately 6 times before starting to break down. Once they can no longer be used, they are recyclable, biodgradable and compostable. Available in a large amount of colors,patterns and sizes we can see this new product (from Spain) catching on as a fun alternative for tabletop.

Definitely a step up in looks and durability from paper napkins but without quite the commitment of cloth napkins in terms of price and upkeep, we can imagine giving these a go when wanting to do a an unusual color or pattern for a special occasion table where buying good quality cloth napkins in an offbeat color wouldn't fly. Also, they would be a fun touch for upmarket picnic outings and casual entertaining.

What do you think of the concept? Would you go for a roll of cloth napkins?


Images: Janel Laban

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