My Farm and the Ultimate Local CSA

My Farm and the Ultimate Local CSA

Aug 1, 2008

garden planning with drip irrigation

When we took the plunge and moved from San Francisco to Oakland, we knew that we might be giving up a few city-living conveniences. True, we lost our corner produce market but we gained a huge space to grow our own vegetables and fruit. Yes, it's a huge investment in time and energy but we enjoy the process almost as much as the fresh picked tomatoes. That said, we know that there are many of you who don't have the desire, or the time, to get your hands dirty but still want the benefit of home-grown produce. Thank goodness for San Francisco based "My Farm"....

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harvest time!

Owner Trevor Paque will not only install the garden in your backyard, but he'll come out for weekly maintenance and place a box of vegetables, grown in your own backyard, on your doorstep. How's that for convenience? Have an abundance of space for edibles? Then sign up to help feed the neighborhood and Paque will create local CSA boxes for those without room to grow their own.

For more information check out My Farm.

images: My Farm website

via: Allison Areiff's blog for the NY Times

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