My Favorite Flower Box! #5: Katherine's Commando Garden

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Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn (just around the corner from the canal...)

What's in it: scarlet honeysuckle, red geraniums, rose geraniums, orange nasturtiums, wild petunias, purple alyssum, daisies, mint, lavender, basil, lemon verbena, rosemary, thyme, sage, parsley, green peppers, squash, eggplant, and as many tomatoes as the roof can handle. Everything is in a pot or planter; the cherry tomatoes live in old plaster buckets.

Who takes care of it: Me! my partner waters when I'm not able; our neighbor looked after it for a week while we were away.

Favorite Garden Store:Seed Savers is pretty fantastic, but it's technically a catalogue. Locally, the Gowanus Garden Store on third avenue is lovely.

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How does it benefit the community:
My container garden is urban agriculture at its messiest, and maybe most commando (the landlord doesn't know and would NOT approve.) cont'd....

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Almost everything was started from seed. The photos show a lot of green--the flowers come and go, but the vegetables won't be in full glory 'til September.

My garden brings a lotta bees our way and reduces the temperature on our roof. It provides tomatoes better than any we could buy as well as herbs to perfume the whole house. Oh yes! It provides pleasure and beauty too.

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