My Favorite Flower Box! #7: Cristy's Windy Wow Terrazzo

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Location: This is my 16th floor (very windy and sunny) terrace in chelsea.

What's in it: Climbing roses, black-eyed susan vine, ivy, two plants that were gifts whose names I forget and a bunch of herbs, (onion and garlic chives, dill, rosemary, flat-leaf parsley, lemon verbena, oregano, mint, basil).

Who takes care of it: Me! With regular help from friends to water them while I'm away and occasional visits from grandma, my gardening mentor.

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Favorite Garden Store:
I don't have a favorite store yet but I do have two favorite books! 1000 Gardening Questions and Answers by the NYT (great for troubleshooting) and the City Gardener's Handbook (which taught me everything I didn't learn from Grandma).

How does it benefit the community:
Well, this space is private so other than my guests, the construction workers across the street and my next door neighbor (you see her window in the first pic) no one else sees it. But even so it adds green to the city, which is always a good thing. Plus friends have been shocked at how good fresh herbs with lunch meat and cheese is... yum!

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I'm a first-time gardener and while I don't think this is the greatest green space ever, I just love it. In light of plant/planter contest confusion though I must own up and say that all the planters and furniture were bought whole hog from the very stylish previous owner.

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