My Favorite Flower Box Finals! Congratulations to all!

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Everyone in the cafe yesterday thought we were nuts. Walking in and out with our laptop, trying to get on to the local wireless connection and then finally accosting the waitress,
"Does your computer go online?"
".....I mean, does it get the internet?"
"I see. It's just a cash register, is that right?"

Like a junkie without a fix, we watched anxiously as the seconds ticked by without being able to see what was happening online. Then we called Jill and she told us. She also typed up the post at 5:15pm.

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With an afternoon surge, Cristy's Wow of a terrace garden pulled past Magaret's super sweet flower box, while the notorious MacPlanter held onto it's iron lead over Melanie's amazing block brightener (see all competition posts).

While the screenshots above tell the story today, the score at 5:15 yesterday was as follows:

Margaret 57
Cristy 62
Kathleen 31

Dave & Jen 90
Melanie 82

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Again, this was a tremendous showing by all involved and we want to thank every contestant for sharing and making our days brighter. In keeping with tradition, every finalist will get a prize, while Cristy and Dave & Jen will get a squiggle to commemorate their victory. We will also be sending a squiggle to Melanie for winning her category since the MacPlanter really should have been in the DIY division. Cheers to all! MGR

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