With this month's competition, it kills us to have to choose finalists and then watch the bloody voting for a winner, but we DO love the drama.

THREE CHEERS for all the contestants! - especially Guido for gettting this going and Katherine for her bravura. The voting will run today until Wednesday at 5pm. MGR

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Margaret's First Time

Location: Clinton Hill

Quote: This is my first time with a windowbox, and I've wanted one for years.

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Cristy's Windy Wow Terrazzo

Location: This is my 16th floor (very windy and sunny) terrace in chelsea.

Quote: Friends have been shocked at how good fresh herbs with lunch meat and cheese is... yum!

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Kathleen's Eyesore Transformer

Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey

Quote: We have harvested, beets, beans, yellow and green squash, cukes, peppers and we await the first blush on our many varieties of tomatos.