My Favorite Flowerbox! Finals: Spotter Division

In the Spotter Division we have our original two entries going head to head. We are curious to see how MacPlanter does against this pure rival. FYI - MacPlanter had more gold medal votes than any other entry (97), but it also had more last place votes than any other too (30).

(NOTE: We just recieved word that Dave made that MacPlanter - which makes it technically a DIY. NOW we'll all have to think about what THAT means.)

(All Entries) MGR

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Dave and Jenny's MacPlanter

Location: Outskirts of Park Slope (near Gowanus)

Quote: Few brownstones around here have flowers on them at all. These not only add color, they add creativity too.

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Melanie's Magical Block Brightener

Location:South Park Slope, Brooklyn (8th Ave)

Quote: I live around the corner and I look forward to walking by every day no matter what season.

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