(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Name: Sudha Location: Apharetta, GA Type of space: Balcony Garden Tell us about your outdoor project and how you enjoy it: I tried reusing and re-purposing used milk cans and yogurt containers from my kitchen and my friends' kitchens. I'm growing a kitchen garden with okra, tomatoes, chillies and herbs such as fennel, cilantro and mint. I also added a DIY bird bath and feeder to the whole set up. Loved the whole experience!

How did you create it?
Used milk cans and yogurt containers as planters; an IKEA stand as a space saver; clay pots and saucers for the bird feed; old plates and trays as saucers for my plant pots.

Recommended store, site, product or resource?
Michaels, IKEA


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