My Party: Cash Lincoln

My Party: Cash Lincoln

Carrie McBride
Jan 21, 2011

Heads up Prairie Staters! Jillian and her husband were filled with state pride when they planned their son's party: We were inspired for our son's party because of our love for Illinois & Abraham Lincoln. Our son's middle name is Lincoln after the president ;)

I kept it really simple & the whole party was put together for $20. My mother is a wonderful cake decorator and made the "penny" cake, I made the cupcakes and the "Illinois" shaped cookies (I found the cookie cutter on ebay for $2,) I made the bunting out of some vintage fabric that I already had and made Cash's outfit by creating a stencil and using fabric paint.

We had friends & family contribute--an old barrel to put the drinks in & some balloons for the table. We played music from one of our favorite musicians Sufjan Stevens, his "Illinoise" album. It was just a great time to celebrate Cash's first year in a low key and fun way!

Thanks Jillian!

(Images: Jillian Pye)

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