My Party: Isabella

My Party: Isabella

Carrie McBride
Feb 21, 2011

Girls just want to have fun and it looks like Isabella and her friends had a blast at her birthday party. Her mom Dana fills us in: Our daughter Isabella's summer theme song was Katy Perry's California Gurls and she insisted on listening to it over and over and it was only fitting to have a California Gurls 3rd birthday party in September!

Invitations were delivered with colourful wigs and a request for daisy dukes, bikini tops, tutus and candy-inspired outfits. We hosted the party on our front porch which was decorated with candy cane pillars, giant cellophane-wrapped balloons (looked like hard candies), ice cream cone balloons and flashy palm trees.

Activities included decorating sparkly sunglasses and microphones, a funny powdered donuts-on-a-string contest and breaking open a candy-filled sunshine piñata.

The biggest hit was the photo frame - I painted an old picture frame bright pink, filled the border with pillow stuffing to look like clouds and hung it in front of a plain white sheet. The kids loved taking photos with all of the candy props like giant lollipops and cupcakes!

The party finished off with cupcake decorating and everyone was given a candle to blow out with Isabella.

It was a fun time for all ages (despite the rain!) and the photo memories are priceless!! Happy Birthday Isabella!!

Thanks Dana!

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