My Party: Mackenzie

My Party: Mackenzie

Carrie McBride
Apr 14, 2011

Ooh, throwdown! Alicia took up the challenge to make a first birthday party all about the babies, did it work? She describes: When I was researching first birthday parties, I read several times that first birthdays are for the parents not the babies. I took this as a personal challenge. I decided that we would do an Ultimate Baby Playdate. This also helped narrow the guest list down significantly.

We cleared out our living room, put a mini ball pit and some of my daughter's toys in the middle and just let the babies play. They had a ton of fun. We served PB&J finger sammies, whole wheat goldfish crackers, string cheese and apple juice (and food for Mommy and Daddy too).

We gave each baby a brand new sippy cup with their name written on it and a Happy Baby Organic fruit pouch. The babies all loved their sippys and most of them ate the pouches while they were at the party.

I really wanted to do a ribbon backdrop for the snack table but because I was on a pretty tight budget we used colored streamers. I was very pleased with the way it turned out. To display the cupcakes, I decorated a plain white Wilton cupcake stand with satin ribbon and rickrack. The blog, eighteen25, had a Halloween Banner that I recolored in Photoshop and hung above the present area.

It was a great day and our daughter had SO much fun!

Thanks Alicia! Readers, want to see more, check out: Simply Alicia.

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