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Lisa more than made lemonade out of lemons with these inherited yellow walls - she embraced and enhanced the yellow to create this bright, cheery room for her son Cameron: I started Cam's room when I was pregnant and needed a gender neutral room since we didn't know what was coming! (I did have a very strong suspicion it would be a boy though...) Having moved into the house when I was pregnant and with a 1 year old, we didn't dislike the colours in the house enough to paint, so the yellow stayed.

I decided to work with the yellow instead of ignore it, and the room gets such bright lovely morning sun that I went with the colours of sunshine - Yellow, cream and orange.

With not a lot of time and/or energy to hunt for stuff, pretty much everything in the room is from Ikea. To personalize it, I made some of the artwork and the mobile, we had a photo of his dad and uncle when they were boys printed, my mother-in-law made a growth chart out of her boys' old chart, and I picked up a few things from the Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.

Now it is a bright and happy space to play and read and nurse. As well, it is a versatile room, and if he moves in with his big brother as we have planned, I think it will make a nice guest room/study!

Thanks Lisa and Cameron!

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