My Room: Elle

Brooklyn, NY

Despite some doubters in her circle of influence, Summer went gray with her daughter's walls and we think it's a lovely backdrop for this lovely room. Summer describes: I finished my daughter's nursery about 6 months ago. I had so much fun turning a room that was sitting empty into a place for her to sleep and play.

Living in New York we didn't have a bunch of extra furniture sitting around so everything had to be purchased new. It's a pretty small room so finding pieces that didn't overwhelm the room was a bit of a challenge. It's very different designing a space for someone other than yourself, I know I decorated with my taste but a big part of every decision was the desire to make it something special for her. I hope that one day she can look back on the pictures and know how much I wanted her to love it.

Favorite Element: The Mobile

Biggest Challenge: Second guessing my own decisions. I didn't realize how very important every single little decision would become!

What Friends Say: This is very you.

Biggest Indulgence: Crib by Oeuf (although we did get it on Craig's List)

Best Advice: Don't worry about what other people think. My family and friends have more traditional taste and were a bit skeptical about my decision to paint the walls gray. I'm glad I didn't listen! Also, I decided toward the end that there just wasn't room for a chair if I wanted to have floor space for her to play on so I didn't get one. I haven't missed it yet.

Carpet: ABC (remnants department, 80% off)
Crib: Oeuf Classic Crib (Craig's List)
Bookshelf: Ikea
Changing table: Ikea dresser (changed knobs), Land of Nod topper
Mobile: Pottery Barn Teen

Thanks Summer!

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