My Room: Jonathan

Portland, OR

Andrea's room for her son has a theme, but it doesn't hit you over the head the moment you walk in. Instead it pops up in little, unexpected places. She shares: Jonathan is quickly approaching his first birthday, and his room is finally done! Before I was pregnant I was already a frequent visitor of Ohdeedoh, even though we weren't really planning for kids just yet. I loved all the room tours, they are all so different and so inspiring. They do not help with baby fever. When I found out I was pregnant I already knew if I had a boy I wanted ROBOTS!

I usually prefer more vintage eclectic styles and muted colors, my husband wanted bright colors. So this is what came of our different styles ... A brightly colored eclectic robot room.

I love to make and create as much as time allows. So I made what I found time for, the curtains and his night-time routine poster are my favorites. I really wanted to make a quilt but I'm not an experienced quilter and didn't think I'd have the time or patience, so I found a great one on Etsy. With most of the furniture I chose things with clean lines. I found some great pieces at local vintage shops, like the robot and blocks.

I decided to put robot and gear wall decals low enough for my son to interact with them, hoping it inspires a creative mind. Because the room is on the smaller side and awkwardly shaped I removed the closet doors and painted the interior orange, to give the room a little surprise. I hope my son enjoys his space as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Source List:
Crib & changing table: Target
Orange & white side table and clock, multi-colored storage bins, wall shelves: Ikea
Letters: Urban Outfitters and JoAnns
Quilt: Blueisbleu on Etsy
Gears and Cogs: Decalfarm on Etsy
Robots: StephanEdwardGraphic on Etsy
Light switch cover: Alamodestuff on Etsy
Rocking Chair & Rug: Good Night Room

Thanks Andrea! Readers, visit Andrea on her blog These Pleasant Days.

(Images: Angela/These Pleasant Days)

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