My Room: Baby MacDrake

Los Angeles

Kress sent us the fantastic photos of "Baby MacDrake"s room. Here is the story: When we started planning Baby MacDrake's room, everything centered around the furniture. We splurged on the Litto Kids Manhattan furniture set and then realized we had to figure out how to make it fit in our tiny nursery (approximately 75 square feet). After overcoming the challenge of configuring the space, we filled the room with an eclectic....

...mix of homemade crafts (like the mobile made from Helen Ige's 'Birds of a Feather' mobile "stencil"), family heirlooms, and new baby treasures. No colors were off limits, but we were drawn to bright, vibrant accent pieces. The wall art includes a large abstract Picasso print and a few original pieces by local artists. Our goal was to create a modern space that was also playful, comfortable and accessible. We're very pleased with the results!

Thanks, Kress!

Have you seen our Nursery & Kids Room Submission Form? In addition to working with some readers to feature full tours, we will also share the best as "My Room" posts on Ohdeedoh — short, quick tours of great rooms. Submit yours right here.

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