My Room: Oliver


Naomi put together a unique and wonderful nursery for Oliver. She writes: Oliver's room is a small awkward room that is perfect for a nursery. It is a cozy and happy room that we love to hang out in. I used a mixture of new and vintage items for Oliver's room. I had all the vintage items in storage or in other rooms of our house.

My favorite piece in the nursery is the flight of fancy mobile. The dresser was only $99 from Ikea and I glued leftover pieces of fabric from the closet curtain to hide the mess in the drawers.

Thanks, Naomi!

Have you seen our Nursery & Kids Room Submission Form? In addition to working with some readers to feature full tours, we will also share the best as "My Room" posts on Ohdeedoh — short, quick tours of great rooms. Submit yours right here.

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