Sarah's Guide to Ghent

Sarah's Guide to Ghent

Sarah Coffey
Sep 17, 2010
Name: Sarah Neighborhood: Ghent sub-division City: Norfolk, Virginia My Home: One-bedroom apartment (700 sf) in 100 year old brick building Ghent is located in historic Norfolk, Virginia. This sub-division is a bike ride away from downtown Norfolk, a three-minute drive to Old Dominion University, and a 20-minute drive to the Virginia Beach ocean front. While located within a city with a population of just over 234,000, Ghent has not lost its sense of community and has quiet peaceful streets. Sarah's Guide to Ghent With its central location in Hampton Roads, Ghent is a wonderful place for residents of all ages. As a resident one is only a bike ride, or short car ride, away from museums, aquariums, an amusement park (in nearby Williamsburg), and countless delicious restaurants. In addition, Ghent is very pet friendly and bike friendly, so it's great for the leisurely or the extremely active! 1. Favorite Neighborhood Home Store
    DECORUM: 301 West 21st Street Historic Ghent is one of the two locations this store has in Hampton Roads. The furniture is tasteful and modern. We drool every time we enter.

2. Go-to Shop for Gifts
    EAST COAST BICYCLES: 1910 Colley Avenue When you live in the city you have to have a bike, right? There is no better place to pick up your local rider a nice gift! We got my husband's bike from there for a very fair price.

3. Best Vintage Shop, Thrift Store, or Flea Market
    FIREFLY ANTIQUES: 115 W 21st Street A great little antique store that always has fantastic finds at an incredible price!

4. Favorite Coffee Shop, Café, or Restaurant
    THE BOOT: 123 W 21st Street This local restaurant has a seasonal menu to ensure that all items are fresh! They have the best sweet potato fries around. Another locally famous restaurant is Doumar's. Founded in 1904 this eatery is known for having the world's first ice cream cone machine. It maintains a very 1950s atmosphere and is a great place to pick up a milkshake.

5. Best Place to Pick Up Groceries
    THE MARKET AT GHENT: 730 W 21st Street Farm Fresh is a Hampton Roads chain of grocery stores, but the Market at Ghent is styled slightly differently to meet the needs of the people living in Ghent. They are centrally located and have a large wine and gracious kosher/vegetarian/organic selection in addition to big brands.

6. Best Place to Buy Flowers
7. Best Neighborhood Park
    THE DOG PARK IN STOCKLEY GARDENS This is a pretty sizable plot of fenced in land where the people of Ghent can bring their doggies! We do not have a dog, however, so it's nice to stop by and watch all the dogs have fun!

8. Best Spot to Take Visitors
    THE NARO / THE NARO EXTENDED: 1507 Colley Avenue This theater has been open since 1930! It's a great place to catch movies that don't quite make it to the big theater. They also do the Rocky Horror Picture show (featuring live cast performances by Fishnet Inc, a local group). Next to the theater is The Naro Expanded, a video rental store. Here you can rent ANY movie. If they don't have it, it doesn't exist! We also have the Chrysler Museum of Art, which houses a vast collection of pieces that range from ancient Egypt to Lichtenstien! (And admission is FREE!)

Photos: Sarah Chizek Thanks, Sarah!
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