Blakes's Guide to Downtown Detroit

Blakes's Guide to Downtown Detroit

Sarah Coffey
Oct 15, 2010

Name: Blake
Neighborhood: Downtown
City: Detroit, Michigan
My Home: One-bedroom three story loft

I live in one of the most misunderstood neighborhoods in the world. I walk to work, restaurants, shops, markets everyday. I moved here in March of this year to be able to walk to work. I was sick of hearing how people keep leaving Detroit. I wanted to be part of something bigger then myself and make a mark.

Blake's Guide to Downtown Detroit

1. Favorite Neighborhood Home Store

    You never know what you'll find here; I have found old movie theater signage and mid-century modern furniture.

2. Favorite Bookstore

    JOHN KING BOOKSTORE: 901 W. Lafayette Boulevard
    It's a four-story warehouse filled with so many books it would take weeks to navigate all the sections; this is a book collector's heaven.

3. Favorite Coffee Shop, Café, or Restaurant

    CAFE D'MONGO'S SPEAKEASY: 1439 Griswold Street
    Only open Friday nights. You come for the fantastic soul food and then settle in for a night of great live music and meeting the most amazing people in the city.

4. Best Place to Pick Up Groceries

    EASTERN MARKET: 2934 Russell Street
    One of the best farmers markets I have ever been to. If there was ever a reason to visit Detroit it would be to visit Eastern Market.

5. Best Place to Buy Flowers

6. Best Neighborhood Park

7. Best Spot to Take Visitors

    THE GUARDIAN BUILDING: 500 Griswold Avenue
    Amazing cup of coffee and one of the best examples of Art Deco design.

Photos: Blake

Thanks, Blake!

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