Presidential Namesakes: A Roundup of Kids Rooms

Presidential Namesakes: A Roundup of Kids Rooms

Carrie McBride
Feb 20, 2012

Okay, so these children likely weren't named after one of our nation's leaders, but it seemed a fitting roundup in honor of President's Day. Curiously, we didn't have any little George's in the crowd.

Carter was the most popular presidential name in our archives with three little Carters in the crowd. One Abe, a Lincoln, an Arthur, Grant, and Jackson. We even found a girl's room - Reagan. Enjoy their rooms!

Top Row:
1. My Room: Abe
2. Carter's Punch of Color
3. My Room: Lincoln
4. Arthur's Stateside Vintage Suite
5. Nixon's Cool, Modern Pad

Bottom Row:
6. My Room: Carter
7. Grant's Whimsical Woodland Room
8. My Room: Jackson
9. My Room: Carter
10. Reagan's Hot Pink Happiness

(Images as credited in original posts)

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