Nano TV: What is this? A TV for Ants?

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Ah, the iPod Nano: So compact and cute, but it packs a punch—as all iPods do—in the storage capacity department. But don't you wish your iPod Nano had just a little bigger screen to watch all those videos you store? If you answered yes to that question and also have a sense of humor and a jones for retro tech, then we'd like to introduce you to the Nano TV...
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Styled to look like a combo TV and VCR, the Nano TV, when paired with your iPod Nano, offers the same kind of functionality that an old-school TV combo used to.

We think this little guy is perfect for taking on a plane trip to watch movies, or as a great complement to a bedside table. Unfortunately, this gizmo looks completely analog, using just a simple magnification technique to up your screen size, so there won't be any support for using the Nano TV as a charging dock... But maybe one of you great DIY hackers can rig something up?

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