Naomi's "Sunny Day" Room

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Sydney Australia
Inspiration for my palette:
I associate colours with things that make me happy. I love sunny days and warmth and summer, so I end up using a lot of oranges and yellows. The purple accents are somewhat inspired by gorgeous jacaranda. That way, my room is basically a more permanent version of a sunny November afternoon (Southern hemisphere, just go with me that November is sunny...). I'm also inspired by the places I visit. The runner over the end of the bed, the rug, and the cushion cover repurposed from a small tablecloth were from a trip to Turkey, and I loved the way the colours played off each other.
Colors used in my room
Dulux Play School and Encounter
Tips for using color successfully
Forget the conventional wisdom that blues and greens and pale shades should be used in bedrooms because they're restful. One of my favourite rooms in the past was a gorgeous bright yellow that was like a giant splash of sunlight, and despite colour theory saying that no one should be able to sleep in that, I slept just fine. Use the colours that make you happy, and your room will make you happy no matter what.
Sunny Day

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