Naptime Color: Colorful Home Projects in 45, 90, or 180 Minutes

Let's face it, helpful little hands are fun when fixing snacks or cleaning, but not so much where (permanent) paint is concerned. Often, I find the only time to get projects done around the house is during nap (forget bedtime — by then I'm beat). So, I thought I'd break down a few favorite colorful home projects for parents who, like me, want to get their color on during nap time (whether that's a single-sleepcycle-snooze or a 3-hour-doozie).

Whatever length your child's nap, there's time to squeeze in some color. Here are some projects for adding color to your home that can be completed in that precious window:

My toddler's taking marathon 3-hour naps.

I have an hour and a half to get a project done.

Quick! Forty-five minutes 'til baby's awake!

As always, when painting, provide good ventilation and take the proper precautions against lead paint exposure. Happy crafting!

(Images: as linked above)