Nashville Relief Effort Posters & Gear Up For Grabs

We talked a little earlier this week about the flooding that's hit Nashville and the residents in surrounding areas. Local artists have donated their time and resources in making art prints and t-shirts whose proceeds are all being donated to relief efforts. There's some good lookin' prints, so see if there's anything your home could use and help out a good cause.

Below are several of the prints from different artists that have put their mad skillz (the "z" lets you know how awesome they are!) to use for a great cause. There's also 1 t-shirt design below and although it's not exactly home decor, you'd look pretty great sitting on your sofa while wearing it. That's interior design right?

First Row, Left To Right
Love Your Neighbor: from Ty Mattson. It's only $10 and comes in a 12x18" size. It's perfect for any home, no matter where you live. Proceeds will be going to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund.

You Can't Keep A Good Town Down : Every last cent from the sale of these posters will be going to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund. They're 18"x24" and will run you $20 from from Family Tree Design and Wed Candy.

REBUILD THIS CITY! Print: from Andrew Vastagh at Boss Construction. Each print is only $10 and funds will go directly to Hands on Nashville.

Lift Up Nashville Poster: is available in 2 sizes from Phillip Maddox. You can take it home in an 18"x24" for $40 or a 12"x18" for $10. Proceeds go to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund.

Eye In The Sky Print: from Sasha Barr at The New Year. Each print is 16.5" x 24" and all of the $20 price tag will be going to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund.

Second Row, Left To Right
Lift Up Nashville: from Derrick Castle. Each print is 12"x18" and all proceeds from the $10 sale price will go directly to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund.

We Are Nashville T-Shirt: from The Cool People Care Shoppe for $20. Proceeds will be donated to the Community Foundation’s Flood Relief Fund, which ensures all money will stay local and in the area to help out those in need.

(Images: As linked above)

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