Nathan Bisson
Jill Slater
Oct 10, 2008

>> Enter Nathaniel's Home

Nathaniel Bisson shared his home with the AT Offline crowd at at last week's meetup.

We first met Nathaniel when he entered and won last year's Fall Colors Contest...

>> Enter Nathaniel's Gallery

Taking a different direction than the three experts on the meetup panel, Nathaniel emphasized his relaxed and nonchalant approach to color. He believes that color is to be played with and if it doesn't work, you can change it. So, he and his partner went for some great color combinations, contrasts, and isolated bursts.

As proof that their color choices were the right ones for their home, Nathaniel and his partner decided to sitck with the same palette when an apartment wide flood caused them to have to renovate their entire space!

>> Enter Nathaniel's Gallery

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