Since the early 1900s, Pendleton has honored the story and romance of America's National Parks with their collection of beautiful and boldly-colored Park Blankets. We've all seen Pendleton textiles before, but it wasn't until NYIGF that I was reminded of their responsible manufacturing and heirloom-quality product.

Though Pendleton's National Park Blankets aren't part of their Eco-Wise product line, the blankets have much to tout: Made from the natural fiber wool, the blankets are domestically manufactured (with many of the same inputs and similar processes as Eco-Wise) by a company that values local business and tradition. What's not to love?

National Park Blankets from Pendleton, images above, details below.

1 Vintage Park Poster
2 Acadia: full ($178)
3 Crater Lake: full ($178), queen ($200)
4 Glacier: twin ($160), full ($178), queen ($200)
5 Grand Canyon: full ($178)

6 Rainier: full ($178)
7 Yellowstone: full ($178)
8 Yosemite: full ($178), queen ($200)

(Images: Pendleton)