Natural and New: Organic Modern Furniture from Our Tours

Whether you're making your own end table from a tree stump or purchasing a high-end, live-edge dining room table, going organic modern in your home is a perfect way to strike a balance between the clean lines of modernism and the soft, comforting effect of nature. 

Furniture is a great way to introduce the style into your home, as organic modern furnishings are likely to be made of solid, natural materials that will last a long time, and in a style that is versatile enough to endure even if your tastes in decor fluctuate.


1.  Francisco's Warm Modern Aesthetic
2. Anthony & Steven's Modern Organic Condo
3. Shiva's Eclectic, Romantic Modern Ranch
4. Sophie & Michael Collect, Enjoy & Live
5. Jody & Joe's Cozy Contemporary Condo


6. Jody & Joe's Cozy Contemporary Condo
7. Annie & Pierson's Bright and Cheerful Home
8. Cesa's Recycled Home
9. JoAnn & Dan's Creatively Collected Home
10. Mark Maček's Modern, Warm & Woodsy

(Images: Apartment Therapy, as linked above)

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