Natural Fiber Kitchen Linens

Looking for an alternative to paper towels (yes, even recycled paper!) with stylish simplicity and practicality for your kitchen? Whether drying your hands, dishes or cleaning up a spill, reach for these re-usable and stylish natural fibers instead!

Shown above the jump, from left to right:

1 Vaxbo Lin’s dishtowels, $12 from Swedishness: 100 percent linen and are hand-woven in their own factory in Sweden. Once the dishtowel reaches the end of its life it can be compost.
2 Flour sack towels, $14 for set of 3 from Williams-Sonoma: made from super soft, unbleached organic cotton and great for anything from drying dishes to covering fresh bread.
3 Fog Linen Thick Kitchen Cloth, $14 from Anaise: Devoted to promoting the use of reusable linen cloth, Fog Linen Work’s Yumiko Sekine has been producing and exporting linen towels since 1993. This thick kitchen cloth is durable and 100 percent linen. Black Herringbone (shown) is one of many colors and woven styles offered.
4 Avignon Napkins, $12 from Toast: these napkins from UK’s Toast is 100 percent linen. A matching tablecloth to tie together your table setting is also offered on the site.
5 Gauze Towel, $18 for set of 3 from Native Organic: hand woven from certified organic, non-GMO Pima cotton, Native Organic practices Fair Trade labor standards and sustainable growing practices on their farms.

(Images: as linked)