(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We've got a bad case of flies this summer. Maybe the breeze has died down, maybe there's a pile of rotting garbage close by that we can't see, but they're everywhere. We went on the hunt for a natural way to kill flies and found our answer in a plant:

There are a number of carnivorous plants but we just read about the pitcher plant on Beyond the Lawn. Yvette swears by it, saying that flies are actually drawn to the plant and then fly right into the plant's stomach. (Well actually it's a deep cavity filled with liquid called a pitfall trap).

There's also the option of getting a Venus Fly Trap which really says it all in the name...

To buy one online try petflytrap.com or californiacarnivores.com or mypetplant.com none of which farm their plants from the wild, instead they propogate them in a nursery (which is better for everyone).