Natural Medicine Cabinet: 5 Healthy DIY Balms & Salves

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If you've moved toward more natural products everywhere but your medicine cabinet, it might be time for an overhaul. Make a few of these all-natural DIY balms and salves, and you'll be prepared for everything from burns to insomnia.

  1. Help burns heal faster with this calendula- and echinacea- filled balm from The Militant Baker.
  2. Get ready for gardening season and make a big batch of hand salve for you and your favorite gardeners. From Crunchy Betty.
  3. Banish insomnia and finally get a full night's rest with the help of this scented balm from Oak Hill Homestead.
  4. Did you scrape yourself while working on your new place? Prevent infection with a healthy, DIY antibacterial cream. From Popsugar.
  5. Why use a chemical-laden bug spray for summer hikes and barbecues, when you could make this coconut oil based bug repellent balm instead? From Health Impact News Daily.

(Image credits: The Militant Baker; Crunchy Betty; Oak Hill Homestead; Popsugar; Health Impact News Daily)

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