NBA Players Hate Going to IKEA, Too

NBA Players Hate Going to IKEA, Too

Sarah Coffey
May 29, 2008

When we wrote about the dread that overcomes us before an IKEA trip, we got a lot of responses - some from fellow sufferers of Pre-Traumatic IKEA Syndrome, and others from people who look forward all month to a weekend at the megastore (Janel is a hard-core IKEA lover). Yesterday, we discovered another IKEA hater, Portland Trail Blazer Channing Frye. Click below to see what he has to say about it...

Writing about his summer vacation on his blog, Channing says: "I decided to start doing work around the house and let me tell you: If any man has never been to Ikea on a Saturday, please, I beg you for your own sanity, don't go. It is a zoo. I'd never been inside that place and I hope never to go back. I'll order what I need off the Internet catalog. It was pandemonium out there, but I survived. It was so funny. I never thought that a day full of shopping with my girl would be so tiring. I never go to Home Depot or Ikea or Bed, Bath n Beyond; it's just not my thing."

Thanks to my basketball-obsessed husband, Steve, for sending me this link and giving me the idea for this post title when he told me, "See, NBA players hate going to IKEA, too."

Read more of Channing Frye's blog here.


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