News: NBC Direct Launches

News: NBC Direct Launches

Nov 12, 2007

Remember how NBC is ditching iTunes? And then there were rumors about being able to download shows for free, that expire within a week. Well, NBC Direct has launched and well, we can't try it out for you, because we don't have a Windows PC. But, here's what we've heard, its frustrating and cumbersome.

You must have Windows and Internet Explorer, and you must download a specialized player. You can only download the shows from the last seven days. Once you download it, you've got 48 hours to watch it before it disappears. What we did try out was their new streaming web-based version of shows which is highly improved. They've taken on the ABC model, with click through commercials staggered throughout their shows. The quality, while better than what they've had in the past, is still seriously lacking compared to ABC attempts.

Anyone tried NBC Direct?

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