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Sometimes it's the little things that count, and a little touch here and there can go a mile for yourself and your guests in your home. Check out these three quick and simple tips to go the extra mile for convenience around your home.
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Keep Extra Chargers, Plugs & Adapters Around The House Whether it's for you or for your guests, it's always handy to have a plug around when you need it most. Keep them by the couch, in the kitchen, by the bed, in the bathroom. Any chance you get to squeeze out just a little more juice when your phone, laptop, tablet, or widget is about to die or you know it'll go sooner than later. • How to Never Find Yourself With A Drained Cell Phone2 Tiny Tech Tips That Will Save You Time
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Keep Your Batteries Organized You can never find a AAA battery when you need it most, and when you finally find your batteries tossed into a drawer it's a pain to figure out which ones are dead and which ones are new. Take charge of the situation and organize your batteries. Separate what's new, what's partially used, and what's set to be recycled (part of why we always have dead ones lying around is we know we're not supposed to toss them but we don't really know how or what to do with them, so in they go to the junk drawer). • Don't Waste Batteries, Organize Them!Don't Toss Those Batteries, Recycle Them!

Set a Shoe Shine Polisher By The Entry Door
Embrace your inner Don Draper with nicely polished shoes. Be a full service host with a shoe shine polisher by your front door. Guests will get a kick out of it and it actually works fairly well.
True Power Electric Shoe Shine Polisher with Lamb Wool Buffers ($55.95)

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