Need a Tablet or Laptop Sleeve? Look Around You

Need a Tablet or Laptop Sleeve? Look Around You

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 27, 2011

After being told by a friend that they were in dire need of a simple sleeve for their tablet we suggested that they make one. You don't have to be a sewing champ to whip out a simple sleeve, and the best thing about these sorts of sleeve projects is that chances are everything you need to make them is already in your home.

What do you need to make a sleeve? Fabric, scissors, needle, and thread. Of course one could get fancy by adding buttons or other adornments, but a simple sleeve is really just a rectangle with three sides sewn and one side open.

For fabric, the home is a fantastic source. We have used winter scarves for smartphone or music player sleeves, kitchen towels for tablets, and sweaters, raincoats, and shower curtains for laptops. For linings we like to use, pillowcases, t-shirts, and silk/rayon scarves. Creating a tech sleeve is a great way to salvage a print you love on a stained or torn item that's not fit to be used for its original purpose. Best of all, by reusing/ upcycling these items you save money by not paying for fabric (oh and it's green as well).

Ready to get started, but would like some step by step photos to guide you? Well, you're in luck as we just so happen to have a tutorial for a simple sans lining laptop sleeve as well as a "self cleaning" tablet sleeve.

What's the most clever item you've made a sleeve out of?

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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