Need More Work Space: Add a Hutch

Need More Work Space: Add a Hutch

Beth Zeigler
Nov 5, 2009

Instead of going horizontal with our work/storage space (where things can easily be out of reach), we like to go vertical. And while shelves are usually a great alternative, sometimes drilling holes into your wall isn't an option...

Instead of shelving, why not add a desk hutch? You can pick out one that's a similar color and style to your desk--or mix it up for an eclectic vibe. If you like a little bit of hidden storage, make sure your desk hutch has a few cubbies that are large enough for baskets or containers. One thing to keep in mind before you start looking for a desk hutch to extend your work/storage space--assess what you'll be needing to store. That way, you'll know if you require a big hutch with lots of nooks and cubbies or a smaller one, with less storage space.

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(Images: 1. West Elm, 2. Antique Postal Hutch, 3. Target, 4. Target, 5. West Elm)

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