Neighborhood Hunting: Chicago Cycling Club

Neighborhood Hunting: Chicago Cycling Club

Janel Laban
Apr 21, 2006
Part of city life is being prepared to move - for lots of reasons - better rent (or a better landlord), buying property, changing to a different school district - maybe setting up house with a sweetheart. Whatever the reason it is good to know something about Chicago's neighborhoods before you begin your search. Are there shops, transit, playgrounds, nice gardens - these things make a big difference, but what about the general vibe of the neighborhood?

You can miss the "feel" of an area when you just drive through in a car - a bike ride might be the way to go. The Chicago Cycling Club organizes bike tours through neighborhoods that are usually free and often include a meal at a local cafe or restaurant, a walk around and then a ride home.

The ride calendar offers all levels of rides, but the shorter, in- town "social" rides sound perfect for exploring Chicago.

On May 6, there is a Cinco de Mayo/Tour of Pilsen ride with a restaurant stop and walking tour. Ride home through Greek Town.

On May 27, a Bike tour of mosaic tile art thoroughout the city, ending with a BYOB picnic.

On June 3, a Southside park tour with a stop at Skyway Hotdogs.

On June 11, Explore West Chicago with a ride to Oak Park.

On June 18, a tour of Mies van der Rohe buildings with a guest docent talk.

And finally, on June 25, The Superdawg ride through the northwest neighborhoods of Albany, Jefferson, Gladstone, Norwood and Edison Park.


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