Jane Hamley Wells at NeoCon

(NeoCon is the annual commercial interiors show held in Chicago. We attended last week and will be blogging trends and finds that can make the leap into the home.)

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One of the award winners at the recent NeoCon 2007 was the Splinter chair by Winnipeg-based designer Matthew Kroeker for Chicago's Jane Hamley Wells.

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The left and right designed chairs merge together to create a bench, one that brought honors in the Bench Seating category at NeoCon. Blue ribbons and silver medals aside, we saw this piece at the show and were completely won over by it as well (here's our quick snap of it from the show floor).

The teak and stainless combination is a current outdoor classic combo - it's hard not to like the warm/cold materials together. But the design element that we really loved was the varied widths of the slats and how they work with both the staggered and straight edges on the two sides of the chair. A nice mix of rustic and modern for an outdoor space.

More info: Jane Hamley Wells and Matthew Kroeker

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Neo Con

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