NeoCon 2008: TG Couture Launch

2008-06-13-TGTB12.jpg Chicago designers Gary Lee and Thomas McWalters launched their brand new line of furniture, TG Couture, for VENU at NeoCon this week...jump below for a first look:

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TG SF 10 Sofa
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TG MW 10 NIghtstand
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TG CH 74 Chair
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TG MW 60 Bed

The new line includes 41 pieces of furniture. It is inspired by couture fashion and incorporates luxury fabrics, fine wood and metal finishes. The pieces are made in America for VENU and are available through VENU's brand new permanent flagship showroom, Suite 1698 in the Merchandise Mart.

More info: TG Couture

Click Here for a video taken at the new showroom that popped up on You Tube.