Allermuir at NeoCon

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One of the prevalent trends at NeoCon which was impossible to ignore was the sixties mod lounge aesthetic. Seating that looks like it would not be out of place some spiffy 1968 first class airport lounge was everywhere. Some of our favorite examples of the genre were at Allermuir. The colorful textured fabrics, organic shapes and slim bases all worked together for a pleasant, retro modern vibe to their booth.
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While an office full of this might be overkill, a single piece like this would be fun to have in a living room. It would be a conversation piece; one that is not too serious - and also very comfortable.

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Allermuir had buttons that they were handing out at NeoCon saying "Potential Classic" - what do you think? Are these classics in the making?

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Neo Con

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